Top HR & Employer Branding Conferences to attend in 2022!

January 27th, 2022

Want to sharpen your employer branding skills this year and keep up with new trends and developments in the field? Here’s help! We searched the internet to create this list of the top in-person and virtual HR and Employer Branding conferences. Scroll down to see the list.



1. EBcon. 18-19 May 2021/ online


Want to explore some of the hottest topics discussed in the employer branding world right now? Then join EBcon. the online gathering of forces in employer branding on the 17-18th of May!

EBcon.2022 is coming back with a 2 days Online Live event bringing together local and international employer branding professionals. In the program, you can discover Keynotes and special Masterclass treats that will tackle current trends, challenges and burning matters of the Employer Branding landscape.

This edition will deliver exciting topics focused on Employer Branding Strategy and Employer Branding Activation. Prepare to get inspired by real success stories and network with some of the greatest employer branding minds!

Now you can still get your virtual seat at an Early Bird Ticket Price!



2. Employee Engagement Summit 2022 12-14 May 2022/ hybrid


How to maintain culture, engagement and wellbeing in a hybrid workplace, you were wondering? Attend the largest employee experience to find out!

The Employee Engagement Summit is dedicated to challenges, issues and opportunities relating to employee engagement and its impact on customer engagement, profitability and performance. Get ready to take notes of their case studies, live Q&A panels and interviews focusing on the topics such as Employee & Customer Engagement, Links to Performance & Profitability, Internal Communications and Voice of the Employee, Learning & Development, Future of Workplace, and much more.




3. 29th Human Resource Summit  5-7 October 2022/ live in Prague


If you were planning to explore some great landscapes this year, Prague is one of the wonderful locations we absolutely recommend! The 29th edition of Human Resource Summit offers you the opportunity to meet senior HR specialists that are looking forward to learn new ways of growing the satisfaction and talent development indicators for their employees.  

This conference has always been a time-effective way to explore novel concepts in the marketplace, and find the best partners you can engage together in upcoming projects. Prepare for a new edition that keeps these traditions close to its heart.



4. HRcoreLAB Summit 14-15-16 March 2022/ online


Attend panels led by HR leaders and experts from Shell, Unilever, Nokia, Amazon and so many other industry giants. You’ll have the opportunity to network with HR professionals from 99 countries, 5k+ HR Executives, 70+ World-class speakers and get access to 40+ Case Studies.



5. HR Innovation And Future Of Work 7-11 March 2022/ online


This conference focuses on agility and digital transformation employee experience, engagement, and HR strategy. The main theme of this edition, The Path Forward, is dedicated to planning and creating innovative strategies for the future of the industry. Join to connect with people from all over the world that share the latest insights and the great know-how of HR best practices.



6. HRO Today’s Talent Acquisition Strategies & Technology Showcase 24-25 October 2022/ hybrid



HRO Today’s Talent Acquisition Strategies & Technology Showcase will discuss how recruitment professionals adapt their organizational culture and daily habits in accordance with the candidates’ needs. This conference will guide your talent acquisition strategy during the challenges of the pandemic and help you face tomorrow’s demands. 



7. International Reinventing HR Summit 12-13 May 2022/ Live in UK


In case you want to get out of the office and find the solutions for your concerns at work, this three-day Summit brings you masterclasses, workshops from one of the most inspirational HR leaders. Take notes from the case studies and explore different angles of perspective regarding the future of HR.



8. HRD Collective 24 February 2022/ online



Highly interactive and focused on providing innovative solutions, HRD Collective’s edition of this year provides a space designed for senior leaders from across the HR community to come together within a highly interactive and collaborative environment.


Conferences provide a wide range of opportunities to learn new strategies that can boost your employer branding strategy. At the same time, they give the chance to connect with other employer branding professionals to learn how they’re solving the same challenges you might be facing. We hope this list helps you to choose which conferences make the most sense for you and your team.


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