Top 10 Employer Branding Conferences to attend in 2020

January 8th, 2020

Conferences provide a wide range of opportunities to learn new strategies that can boost your employer branding strategy. At the same time, they give the chance to connect with other employer branding professionals to learn how they’re solving the same challenges you might be facing.

There are so many conferences happening in our industry each year, that it can be difficult to decide which one’s are the best fit for you. To help with the decision, we prepared a comprehensive list of global employer branding conferences happening in 2020:


1. EB CON 18 June 2020/ Bucharest, Romania

Join EBcon 2020, on the 18th of June alongside other 300+ HR professional to expand your know-how, get inspired by what some of the largest employer brands in the world are doing and deepen your professional relationships in this growing field. With the help of our keynote speakers and the latest Most Desired Employer Study find out how to prepare in order to make your company one of the winners of the Talent Acquisition war in the next decade.

2. Word Employer Branding Day November 2020/ Lisbon, Portugal

World Employer Branding Day pull together senior leaders and their teams from around the world to discuss and share best practices, in an approachable and friendly environment. What’s great about this event is that besides exchanging knowledge you will have a chance to fully immerse yourself in the global employer branding community. The program is filled with on-site events including a boat cruise, evening cocktail parties and interactive hands-on masterclasses or workshops presented by International Employer Branding Industry Experts and Practitioners.

This year we become the official country partner of Word Employer Branding Day and will have the honour to represent Romania at the event.

Write to us at and save 100€ from the ticket price by receiving the discount code. Sounds good? Don’t think twice about registering as two previous editions were sold out in advance.


3. Talent Acquisition Week 28-30 January 2020/ San Francisco, USA

If you have the budget and appetite for a destination conference, Talent Acquisition Week could be a great fit. This year, 3 of the best conferences in the industry – the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference (SRSC), the Employer Branding Strategies Conference (EBrandCon) and the Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit – are taking place at one new industry mega event: Talent Acquisition Week. This comprehensive event in San Francisco will deliver valuable insights on sourcing, recruiting and employer branding.


4. Employer Brand Summit 9 April 2020/ Istanbul, Turkey 

Employer Brand Summit aims to help organizations stay on top of the latest industry trends and best practices to advance their Talent Acquisition functions. Organizers believe in utilizing the power of storytelling to make memorable events so each year they define the unique theme which aligns with current employer branding trend. The 2020 Edition’s theme is “Symphony of HR”, showcasing the parallels of harmony between various instruments of Employer Brand. The mission is to bring together HR, marketing, corporate communications and agencies to create a harmonious sound which will guide your employer branding strategy to the next level.


5. TALENTpro 25-26 March 2020/ Germany, Munich

TALENTpro offers participants an exciting agenda filled with speakers, various panel discussion, practice classes (Master Classes and Content Stages), numerous exhibitors, as well as technical presentations. This two day HR event provides practical examples, allowing for an informative market overview, and opportunities for participants to network with HR experts.


6. HRVision 2-3 June 2020/ Amsterdam, Netherlands

HR Vision is the elite series of meet-ups, events and forums that delivers inspiration and strategic solutions to those shaping the HR landscape. Its mission is to build a community, share ideas and provide answers on how to create a future workplace that empowers people and places them at the heart of it while adopting modern technologies to build a better, more effective workplace.


7. HR 360  3-4 June 2020/ Berlin, Germany

HR360 European summit addresses five major challenges and opportunities that are faced within the realm of HR. Last year they’ve identified the following five challenges and opportunities: transformation projects, implementation of the latest technologies, applying advanced HR analytics to enhance employee experience, learning new styles of leadership in order to respond to trends. This event will help you navigate the full scope of modern HR.


8. Social Recruiting Days  6-7 October 2020/ Berlin, Germany

Participants at this two day HR event will gain expert knowledge about social recruiting strategies and talent sourcing. The event is highly interactive with over 40 case studies and interactive sessions allowing participants to gain some hands-on experience. Attend this event if you want to get inspired by innovative ideas around the topics of Talent Sourcing, Recruitment Analytics & AI, Candidate Journey & Talent Attraction, Employer Branding and Employee Experience.


9. HR Congress  17-18 November 2020/ Valencia, Spain

The aim of the HR Congress is to design and build people-centric organizations. During the event participants will aspire to collaborate for a more adaptive, agile, ethical, successful, and responsive organization. If you are looking for new ways to face your day to day challenges, then this event is a must.


10. DisruptHR Multiple dates and locations

This event has an innovative concept and invites HR enthusiasts who have something to share with the community. 14 speakers, 5 minutes each, and slides rotate every 15 seconds. Check the list of cities in which the event is organized. Couldn’t find yours? In this case, you can organize your own DistuptHR event!


We hope this list helps you to choose which conferences make the most sense for you and your team to attend, based on what you’re looking to accomplish in 2020.

Let us know your conference picks on our Catalyst Facebook page . We’re looking forward to hearing what conferences you plan to attend next year!


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