TOP Most Desired Employers 2020

July 17th, 2020

Catalyst Solutions announces the results of the Most Desired Employers Survey – the study, which was conducted between February and May 2020, on a sample of 19.281 respondents.

The specified number of respondents gathers higher education potential candidates, both junior and experienced ones, having educational backgrounds such as: Business, IT&C, Engineering, Social Sciences, Medical/Pharma.  The Most Desired Employers Survey is the most complex tool on the market that measures the level of employers’ attractiveness in Romania. The survey offers a better understanding of the behaviour of the candidates, but it also describes their expectations and perceptions regarding local employers.

The Most Desired Employers Rank is the result of free and unassisted answers. In the survey, the respondents were asked what are the top 5 companies in Romania they would like to work for.




For the second year in a row, Continental occupies the first place in the respondents’ preferences – proving its nationally extended presence and its complex employer branding communication strategy.


Maria Marcovici, National Employer Branding Coordinator, Continental ’We are extremely happy that our company maintains its first place in terms of Most Desired Employers respondents’ preferences. The fact that we have an extraordinary team has helped us to manage our employer branding strategy for the last couple of months. We have specialists in all of our locations who are focusing on a specific target group that they have come to know very well. However, Continental puts a lot of emphasis on aligning these in order to develop a unitary brand communication – a fact that significantly contributed to our overall success.’’

1 out of 3 employers mentioned in TOP 30 are IT&C companies, whereas 30% of them are Banking or Automotive industry players. Retail companies have registered a significant increase in the most desired employers rank in comparison to 2019. Whether we are talking about online retail or supermarket/hypermarket chains, both categories have continued their work in the first line providing access to necessary goods during these challenging times.


Cristina Stoica, HR Director, Oracle ‘’It is truly an honour for Oracle to be recognized as one of the Most Desired Employers. The organization in Romania is one of the most complex in the region, having a diversity of roles – from finance, sales and development to support – for experienced, niche and junior candidates. Oracle is recognized on the local market for the organizational culture, the growth opportunities and inspirational and friendly working environment. Our employees formed a community based on collaboration and common interest and enjoy cultivating hobbies outside of their professional area”.


Madalina Stoian, HR Manager, Microsoft “We are happy to be recognized as one of the Most Desired Employers. There is an intentional focus and energy invested for Microsoft to become a more diverse and inclusive company. We are intensively working to create a space where everyone feels not only included, but encouraged to be authentic and to learn, to feel valued and have a sense of belonging. We realize how important the power of a strong organizational culture is, so we are continuing our efforts and encouraging others to join this journey.” 





Similar to 2018 results, maintaining a balance between professional and personal life remains the most important professional objective among candidates. At the same time, reaching a superior salary level is the second most mentioned professional objective for the next 3 years. When looking at the next 3 objectives, these are mostly in regards to learning and career development process, suggesting the fact that employers that are currently investing in this particular area, should make the most of their effort by highlighting their programs and internal initiatives.






A new dimension that was introduced and analysed in this year’s survey is the one regarding the reasons for which respondents left their previous jobs. Out of the numerous mentioned reasons, being unhappy with their salary was the main reason for leaving their job for 35,4% of the respondents. When asked what is the minimum wanted percentage of salary increase, most of the survey respondents have suggested 16-20% and 26-30%.

If we take also take into consideration the mentioned professional objectives, we can easily observe the fact that the lack of future career prospects within the company builds a solid reason for employees to leave their jobs.








The Most Desired Employers Survey also offers information regarding the criteria that employees are taking into consideration when choosing their next employer. On a scale of 1 to 5, respondents have evaluated the importance of each factor in their decision-making process. The respondents have shown the fact that each mentioned factor has certain importance when choosing their employer.

The top 10 most important criteria do not reveal any major changes in comparison to last year. However, the first 3 remain to be: employee performance recognition, pleasant work atmosphere, leaders/ managers who encourage the continuous development of their team members. One factor that has become more appealing in the process of employer analysis is employees’ need for job stability.







The result of the study underlines the fact that the company’s career website is the main source when looking for this type of information – chosen by both juniors and seniors. Almost chosen by the same number of respondents, the second most used channel consists of friends/ relatives/ acquaintances working in the company. This observation highlights the importance of employee experience within the company.





The results of the Most Desired Employers 2020 Survey are based on the data collected between February and May, by using an online questionnaire. The study gathers 19.281 respondents, higher education levels – from juniors to seniors all over the country, having Business, IT&C, Engineering, Social Sciences and Medical/Pharma educational background.

After the data is collected, insights are structured in different types of reports – differentiated by the academical background, professional area of expertise and level of experience.

Types of available reports:

  • Business, Engineering,
  • IT&C, Retail, FMCG,
  • Medical&Pharma,
  • Outsourcing.

More information regarding the reports can be requested at the following mail address:

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