2017 in Review

January 31st, 2018

Being at the dawn of 2018, we decided to take a look back at what 2017 meant for us, our clients and employer branding in general.

How to sum up 2017? In 2017 we celebrated our 11th year in recruitment, talent attraction and employer branding with a team of over 40 specialists, hundreds of exciting projects and many inspiring clients.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of 2017 in Catalyst Solutions!


  • If 2017 would have had 13 months, we would have reached 800 000 CVs on Hipo.ro. But… given the fact that the year is limited to only 12 months :) our number was closer to 789 000 CVs from professionals, graduates and students. Over 570 companies are using Hipo as an instrument of their recruitment and employer branding strategy.
  • Compared to 2001bcd9c2b4cc5d1ae7f7b174528cf3bb16, last year we succeeded in doubling the number of digital recruitment campaigns. We managed to apply our talent attraction strategies in order to get the attention of candidates and meet the objectives of our clients.
  • 3300+IT professionals and 69 partner companies took part at key  events for the IT&C community such as:  DevTalks Bucharest & Cluj-Napoca, DevHacks, DevTalks for Juniors and DevAfterWork.
  • 28000+ candidates and 360+ companies have attended Angajatori de TOP Bucharest and Timisoara – the biggest career fair in Romania.
  • One of our fastest growing project was definitely DevAfterWork! In 2017 we organized 11 editions of informal networking events where tech professionals could learn and connect with both local and international speakers, in a fun & relaxed environment.
  • Over 780 candidates and 41 partner companies were present at our events designed to attract some of the best candidates: Top Talents Romania, Hipo BootCamp and Think Leadership.
  • 95000 copies of our educational guide were distributed nationwide during offline and online campaigns. The Employers’ Guide is among the few publications which tackle the lack of practical career guidance available for students.
  • Over 11000 professionals and students around the country took part in our survey The Most Desired Employers 2017. We used the insights to attract the right talent, measure clear KPIs for the employer branding strategies and decide on which recruitment channels should we focus our resources on.
  • In 2017 social media was popular among both employers and job seekers. Therefore, most of our projects integrated campaigns on social media. Only on Facebook we developed over 1.918 campaigns reaching 3.908.130 professionals & juniors. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram were also part of the mix.

2017 was a good year for innovation 

  • For our career portal Hipo. ro , 2017 was about integration with multiple online platforms. With a click the Jobs posted on Hipo.ro are now promoted on the largest job networks and social channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed and 10 other online platforms. For example, when you publish a job on Hipo.ro it’s added automatically on Linkedin and on our partner websites. We’re constantly expanding our network of partners to make sure the career opportunities posted on our portal are delivered to the best candidates.
  • In 2017 Virtual Reality (VR) shows its potential to dramatically engagement with candidates. As we are passionate about new technologies we couldn’t help but use VR for employer branding purposes. The VR technology was integrated on Hipo.ro and was available for the career fair visitors – Angajatori de TOP. Using VR glasses they were able to take a virtual tour around the office and check out all the companies from the inside.e111e5ce5abd234863a44bd95204ac88
  • How to attract the best students and graduates? In 2017 we have launched the largest marathon designed to promote internship & trainee programs to students and fresh graduates from all Romanian universities: Internship & Trainee Marathon.
  • The latest data, provided by Google, shows an increasing number of people using mobile phones (53%) and tables (24%) instead of desktop computers (57%) to browse the internet. Giving this trend, we decided to improve the user experience of our career portal and Virtual Fair platforms, making them mobile friendly and easy to use. So…we redesigned them from scratch! We added new options, including a fast search and filter engine, helping track the right job, company or domain listing immediately. It speeds up the searching process during browsing our career portal or the virtual career fairs such as: Angajatori de TOP Virtual or Targul Online pentru Absolventi, with a mobile phone, tablet or any other mobile device.
  • Last but not least, in 2017 we have developed a New Employer Branding Services for our clients. We developed services to help employers understand the competitive landscape in which they build their employer branding strategy and we added PR capabilities to be able to run complete omni channel campaigns.

A lot has changed over the past few years for the employer branding. That’s why, in 2018 we will focus all our attention on helping our customers to take their employer brand to the next level.

Thank you for trusting us in 2017 and making all of the above possible!


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