How to create the ultimate internship experience based on Internship&Trainees Study?

March 1st, 2019

How to create a great internship program?

A great internship program helps establish a long-term talent pipeline and put your employer brand in the spotlights. But without proper planning, youth programs can lead to a less than desirable experience for everyone involved. Making an internship a win-win situation for both employers and students takes proper research and gaining insights on best practices and expectations.

We took care of the research part, so all you need to do is to check the results from our latest Internship&Trainees Study. What type of information you’ll find inside the e-book?

What type of program to launch?

You should keep in mind that some of the programs dedicated for students are more popular than others. Make sure you are choosing right by checking the ranking of the most popular programs from the Internship & Trainees Study. We are aware of importance to deliver precise data, that’s why we divided the responses by the levels of studies our respondents are on. It will help you to adjust the offer with the preferences of your target group and increase your chances to reach them.


Know your competition

The key to level up in the game is knowing your competitors and what they do in order to attract young talents. Find out the list of Top 10 Employers among students from Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Iasi, and follow up with Nationwide ranking. You can check how do you rank among most popular companies and look up what makes them successful while planning and promoting their youth programs.

Expected compensation

Pay for interns often varies by location, type of industry or size of organization. But it’s good to have an overview of the current compensation that young people expect to receive for their work depending on their location. In our study, we examine salary demands on both – national and local level. While analyzing major cities in Romania we note that expectations of young people change significantly due to the type of program and location.


Motivators to apply

To create the best internship offer you have to be aware of what’s important for young people when they are looking for a suitable program. What motivates young people to apply is knowing the program won’t interfere with their studies. Therefore, flexibility is a must. Another important aspect they pay attention to is the visible promise of development through valuable learning experience. What else matters? Find out by downloading our free eBook.

Demotivators to apply

On the other hand, did you ever wonder what factors might keep young people away from applying for a youth program with your company? It turns out they have a lot to do with not providing enough basic information about the opportunity itself. The main drawbacks are not outlining the exact time frames and not mentioning if the opportunity is paid or not. Check what are the other factors that might undermine your employer position in the eyes of students and graduates.


Where do you go in order to spread the word about your programs? Are you covering all the most used channels? Today you have countless number of places in which you can place your message, but some of them bring better results than the others. In order to check if you are in the same places as majority of candidates, check our list and adjust your strategy accordingly. Spoiler alert – is the Romanian career platform most candidates turn to when searching for an internship program or a graduate program.

It’s up to you if your program will align with current expectations of students and graduates. Access the current data from our Internship&Trainees Study and create an ultimate youth program experience.


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