How to hire a new department quickly and with the right amount of exposure

March 13th, 2019

We spoke to Andrei Cornea – European Talent Acquisition at Kellogg’s about how to give your brand a face and share the company story.

With Kellogg’s Employer Branding Communication Campaign we have taken a brave step forward in the field of employer branding and recruitment by showcasing the culture and the personal approach when it comes to talent that you are looking for.

American group Kellogg’s, one of the biggest cereals producers in the world, is operating in over 180 countries on 6 continents. In Romania, Kellogg’s is present since 2014. The Bucharest Center has the role of Global Business Service for Europe’s Kellogg’s divisions in over 20 countries and the main areas of activity are: Finance, Supply Chain and HR.

Andrei Cornea – European Talent Acquisition is giving us insights into Kellogg’s Employer Branding Communication Campaign and speaks about the importance of marking your presence on the market.

For Andrei employer branding means to do those activities that make you to be on the short list of candidates. Ultimately, it’s the positioning of ourselves as an employer of choice in the market. Knowing that this is a very difficult position to be in, where candidates can pick and choose who they want to work at, employer branding means ensuring that we stay in the front of candidates’ minds – both active and passive. This is then reflected in efficient and long-lasting hires.

Step by step he is taking us through their process of discovering new channels, the main touch points for this campaign and some of the challenges.

By watching the clip, you will have the chance to discover background stories of Kellogg’s successful recruitment campaigns, about their Open Day event and what are the company future plans.

Hit play and find out what were the results and get some boost of employer branding inspiration.

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